Thank you to everyone that came out to help with the Adopt-A-Highway Fall Clean-up!  

Without you, projects like this could not take place!



We are in the planning stages of several events that will be happening before the end of the year, so stay tuned!  Information to be published soon.  Or, join us at our meeting on Thursday December 4, 2014 to hear all about them in person!  7pm at the Lake Elmo Fire Department accross from Lion's Park.


Who Are The Lake Elmo Jaycees?

The Lake Elmo Jaycees is a leadership development organization for young adults 18-40, in and around St. Croix Valley Area.

As a civic organization for young people, the Lake Elmo Jaycees are developing the next generation of leaders by providing opportunities to stand up and take action in our communities.

We engage members through project management and social entrepreneurship that will make an impact in their communities and build leadership skills.

Our chapter is comprised of young adults who volunteer their time to benefit the community. Whether the need is for manpower or money, we are there to help! We provide manpower at many events, some are our own events, but we also partner with various organizations and groups have the require help too. Additionally, we contribute by raising money through community projects, fundraisers and charitable gambling for needs that the community and its people may have.

And we have a lot of fun while doing it!

We put on the annual celebration know statewide as Huff n’ Puff, which is held every 2nd weekend in August.

The Lake Elmo Jaycees offers a wonderful way to strengthen your skills as a leader and as an individual by getting involved in your community and making new friends!

Leadership Development through Community Service



As part of the Minnesota Jaycees, our mission is to provide the opportunity for young individuals to develop the leadership skills, social responsibility, entrepreneurship, and fellowship necessary to create positive change.

Chapter Leadership

Each year, our chapter elects a leadership team that will serve and lead the chapter for the next year.  Below are the men and women who have served our chapter as president.

Gail Smith 1971-72   Dave Cooper 1992-93
Marv Koski 1972-73   Michelle Carlson 1993-94
Mike Johnson 1973-74   Kevin Hill 1994-95
Paul Cartier 1974-75   Linda Wagner 1995-96
Bob Walsh 1975-76   Todd Carlson 1996-97
Larry Landcaster 1976-77   Cassie Anderson 1997-98
Leo Gehloff 1977-78   Randy Wagner 1998-99
Bill Schultz 1978-79   Martha Cornell 2000
Arlyn Christ 1979-80   Josh Bohmbach 2001
John Hughes 1980-81   Steve Schneider 2002
Ron Kuehn 1981-82   Eric Soerens 2003
Neil Hemen 1982-83   Lonnie Finke 2004
Pat Sullivan/Bob Gardner 1983-84   Jesse Henning 2005
Ed Smestad 1984-85   Josh Ackerman 2006
Craig Fryk 1985-86   Jill Anderson 2007
Cindi Quick 1986-87   Roxy Trinkner 2008
Kathy Hemen 1987-88   Heather Noyes 2009
Wayne Sprecher 1988-89   Chris Mechelke 2010
Kathy Partridge 1989-90   Heather Heim 2011
Pat Sprecher/Evy Johnson 1990-91   Sarah Quick 2012

Join us at an event

The Lake Elmo Jaycees hold a wide variety of projects and events.  Find one that interests you, and visit us!

View our event calendar

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Next Meeting: December 4, 2014

When: 1st Thurs. each month, 7:00 pm

Where: Lake Elmo Fire Hall, Station #1








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